In the beginning...

And God said...

Nothing happened until "God said". This still happens every day in the villages we serve. The first thing we do is to distribute God's Word to the entire village and then sit back and wait for the Holy Spirit to take over and then gaze in awe and wonderment.

Below is how God's words impact a village. What started as a temporary ministry during Covid, has now become the backbone of your mission.

Through this ministry, you assisted in passing out over 500 Bibles in 36 months. You have distributed over 2500 meals for families in need and 75 bi-monthly food bags for the elderly. There is a Bible study in our home village and soon a Bible study in our new village, all because "God Said".

You also assist in minor home repairs for people in need. This could be roof and truss replacement, wall stud replacement, building an outdoor toilet, or floor replacement. This makes a major impact on people's lives.

Below is how these devotionals work throughout the village and allow you to minister to the people.