How do I get more information on booking a trip?

          Click HERE and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Is it safe for youth groups?

           YES!! The villages we work in know who we are and are very receptive to our activities. We encourage all participants to engage with the villagers and play with all the children. You will stay on our secured grounds, which has ample room for play and group activities.

What is the climate like, how should we pack?

          During the day it stays around 80-90 degrees but gets into the 70’s at night. We encourage you to pack for hot weather and chilly nights. Bring a sheet or thin blanket to cover up with while sleeping.

What is the cost for a trip and how do we pay for it?

           Costs per participant is $650.00. If your group is 10 or more, the leader of the group is free (Airfare not included). There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit per person fee due when reserving your spot. Of the remaining $500.00 per person fee, a 50% payment is due 60 days prior to arrival, and your trip must be paid in full 14 days before your arrive. This can be done on this web site with the DONATE button!

How many participants are required for the trip?

           There can be as few as 3 and maximum of 14. If you have more than 14 and are willing, we can split you in half and take you over a two-week period. Exceptions can of course be made if necessary.

Is there an age limit?

           No! We encourage families and people of all ages. Child Care will NOT be provided, and activities will be directed towards age of participant. Children under 13 are not encouraged to be on a construction site. We also encourage Men’s and Women’s Bible Study groups to bring your knowledge and skills to the villagers.

What does a typical trip consist of?

          There will be 5 days of work in the field of endeavor with two 1/2 day's off in the middle of those days. There is one day allotted for a VBS in a local village. (6 days total). The 1/2 days off will consist of working morning, and at a local waterfall slide and the afternoon for one day and a 1/2 day at the beach for the other day (included in the price). Travel days before and after.

Where will we be staying while in country?

           We have a shelter where you stay on 1/3 acre of land next to our office in El Ranchito. The shelter is open on 3 sides, with 2 showers and a flushing toilet. We recommend each participant bring a hammock to sleep in with an attached mosquito net. We have also had some crews bring tents. It is up to you and your crew. has some nice, affordable hammocks with mosquito nets. There are many other places as well.

          Meals and showers will be provided while on the grounds and while on field of endeavor. You will be responsible for your lunch on your day off.

What documents will we need to travel to the Dominican Republic?


          You will need a Passport to travel internationally. Please allow for about 6 weeks to get a Passport if you do not have one already.

Is Airfare included in the price?

          No. We will however assist you in finding the lowest fares. There are two airports that are convenient for us to pick you up from; Puerto Plato (POP) and Santiago (STI). We will provide transportation to and from the airport. Entry Fee into the country is included with your ticket.

What kinds of bugs will I see?

          There are mosquitoes. With bug spray during the day, and mosquito nets on your hammocks, they are not an issue.

          Due to being in a rural area, you will sometimes find ants, cockroaches, tarantulas, and other large spiders, usually at night. Like all bugs and animals, if you leave them alone, they leave you alone. They are looking to eat other bugs, not you. If you bring snacks, you will want to hang them so ants don’t help themselves to it first.