This is how we are dealing with the virus

The government is closing down the country to tourism and closing all the airports. They are now requiring all businesses to close for four weeks, including grocery stores. This becomes an issue in the area we serve because people live day to day from what small earnings they make and they don't have the capabilities to store the additional food they need to buy for the 4 week shut down.

We have started a temporary food pantry and food package delivery service to the very remote and poor families, widows and elderly who can not provide for themselves. The food package consists of 5 lbs rice, 2 lbs pasta, 2 lbs sugar, 1 lb salt and 4 oz cooking oil. The local Pastor's family we work with recommended the foods to use, this is the local staple diet. Our first week we delivered 50 packs and anticipate by week 4 to be at 80. 

Here are some pictures of the new temporary service.

Since we don't know when this will end, we can still use

donations. This could go 8-10 weeks.

Every bag of food has a Biblical devotion in it concerning

worry, fear, anxiety and how relying on God will

take away these problems. Jesus is the answer!

After 6 weeks of deliveries we have put a temporary stop to this program to see what the government is going to do after May 4. Here is what we've done as 4/26/2020:

Communities served 6
Churches Served 8
Weekly meal bags delivered 425
Families Served 180

Total meals delivered 2,000+

People served 630+